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What are the requirements to be "One of the Best"

     The Texarkana, Texas Police Department is responsible for enforcing all state and local laws and providing for the safety of the citizens we serve. Our police officers carry out numerous law enforcement tasks including patrolling assigned areas, responding to calls for police service, investigating motor vehicle crashes, enforcing traffic laws, investigating crimes, and arresting offenders. Our officers are expected to be proactive and to build positive relationships within the community. Working in a spirit of cooperation with citizens, our officers suppress crime and resolve problems in the community, thereby making Texarkana a safer place to live, work and play.

Minimum Qualifications
     Applicants must be 21 years of age or under special circumstances, 20 years of age at the time of appointment. Applicants also must possess a valid driver's license from their current state of residence, and they must possess a high school diploma or a general equivalency development certificate (GED). Applicants must be a citizen of the United States, be of good moral character, and be able to perform the essential job functions of a police officer. Other requirements and information may be found on the employment application, but each applicant must pass the Civil Service Examination and meet minimum standards relating to any criminal history, traffic violations, and previous usage of illicit drugs. A thorough background investigation will be conducted on each applicant to determine their suitability for employment.

     The Texarkana, Texas Police Department recognizes service as a previous employed and certified peace officer from other Texas and out-of-state law enforcement agencies. Eligibility for this consideration includes having a Texas Peace Officer certification, not longer than a two year break in service from the last law enforcement agency and beginning employment with this agency, must be certified as having left their previous law enforcement agencies under honorable conditions and successfully pass the local civil service entry examination. The successful candidate for this opportunity will be granted credit for their previous service up to a maximum of five years and will begin employment at the corresponding pay classification for that level of service.

Application Process
     The Texarkana, Texas Police Department is a Civil Service employer and complies with Chapter 143 of the Texas Local Government Code. All applicants will be screened according to the following procedures:

     Applications may be obtained from the City of Texarkana, Texas Personnel Office at 220 Texas Boulevard (first floor of City Hall), the Texarkana, Texas Police Department's Office of Professional Standards and Recruiting (on the third floor of the Bi-State Justice Building) at 100 North State Line Avenue, #16 or use the link at the right.  For more information, telephone our recruiter at (903) 798-3116 and ask for  the Office of Professional Standards and Recruiting. 





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